Blogtober 28: health and sleep

The last few days of writing long posts and staying up too late to finish them has caught up with me πŸ˜… It’s 8:30pm as I write this, and I’m hoping to be in bed around nine.

At the beginning of the month my husband had a health checkup at work. It’s really common here to have an annual health check at your company (especially when your company covers you and your family on their health insurance). They do things like measure your weight and blood pressure and so on, and might also do a blood test. My husband got the results of his blood test yesterday, and he was shocked to learn that his cholesterol level was really quite bad.

So! Time for an overhaul of what we eat and how much we exercise. The exercise part is really hard right now though, as you can probably imagine – it’s a real challenge to get any kind of workout in when there’s so much that hasn’t been done around the house, and you’re so behind on sleep. If I had a spare half hour I’d rather scrub the bathroom and do the dusting, since those things definitely don’t get cleaned as often as I’d like! And if I had a whole spare hour, I would far rather take a nap. And I like exercising! My husband sadly hates it, and whenever he starts a new regime he quickly tires and gives up.

Less of this!

While I am of course not at all happy that my husband’s health isn’t quite as top-notch as it ideally should be, I will be kind of happy if this means we can eat more healthily as a family. When I lived alone it was so much easier to eat well! But somehow, living with someone else makes it that much more challenging, especially when the unhealthy alternatives taste so good…

He’s taken the day off work tomorrow where he’ll go to a different hospital to confirm and to get further advice. Let’s see how things go!

2 Thoughts

  1. I wonder if this whole pandemic thing just screwed everyone over. At our annual health check almost 1 in 3 has to go back to do another test because our results turned out funky 😐

    Hope everything will stay well on the health front!!


  2. Ahh that’s worrying : ( I hope it’s just a temporary thing… time for grilled fish and pickled veggies!

    Also yeah when there’s so much other things going on, it can be hard to justify spending time exercising ._.


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