Blogtober 11: keyboard? also aaaahh

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Related to yesterday’s post: we’re getting a new mechanical keyboard soon ✨ I got to choose the switches (was a toss-up between cherry mx brown and red, and I went for red) and while it’s not one of those fancy gaming keyboards with rainbow backlights etc I am happy enough. I’ve been using MacBooks for so long that I have forgotten how to use a Windows OS, but it’s more convenient for me to have a Windows machine for work so I get to play with the new toy 😄 Fortunately starfish is busy moving to another country for her postdoc so she won’t be (unjustifiably) calling me a gamer nerd any time soon 🤓

But honestly, today has been bonkers and the baby didn’t go to sleep until WAY late so this is pretty much all I’ve got time for today 🙃 How has your weekend been?

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  1. I always realize how much I’ve forgotten about Windows machines until I sit down in front of the work laptops ^^;;

    My weekend just started and it’s been a bit of a ‘mental health day’. The last week left me pretty drained, so my social batteries were beyond empty as were my other reserves really. So I spent most of the day sleeping, cooking and then doing some laundry and the dishes. Oh and writing. Writing and reading. Going to a happy place with some tea.

    Some of my friends went to see my boys today and they liked them and that made me super happy. I’m going to see them (and my friends) tomorrow, so that’ll be a good recharge before the new work week \o/

    Hope your week will be good! ❤

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