Blogtober 7: change of plans

Oh no, I had a thing I wanted to blog about today but I just got some news that put me in a bad mood so now I’m not in a good space for my original topic.

What do you do when something puts you in a mood, or sours your day? Is there something that reliably helps you to move on from the cause of your grumpiness, and if so what is it?

Going for a walk used to be my biggest escape. I used to walk for miles and miles, often late at night. Can’t do that so easily now! These days, I tend to put my phone away and go and sit with the rabbit for a while. She’s incredibly soft and very good at getting me to forget about whatever it was that made me glum 💕

Captain Holly 💕

12 Thoughts

  1. I’m so sorry you got bad news : <

    It's absolutely walks for me, not just for bad moods but so many other things as well. It's a shame you can't do that now : ( Listening to music is another thing that helps me; anything that helps me avoid thinking about whatever put me in a bad mood, but those are the two I do the most.

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