Blogtober 4: coughs and sneezes spread diseases!

Yesterday my baby had her 5-month vaccinations! She had her second dose of the DPT-IPV, and the BCG. She’s struggled a bit today, napping for only half the time that she normally does. The red marks from the BCG have come up on her arm, poor baby 😦 I hope she feels better tomorrow. As such, this post will be a bit shorter than previous days’!

“My cough is not contagious – hay fever mark”

Given the fact that we are living in particularly interesting times, I have been especially eager to get her vaccinations over and done with as soon as possible. The more protection she has against all the bugs out there, the better.

Speaking of needing protection, my local aquarium (like many places) has been struggling. They’re currently trying to crowdfund for animal food/care/equipment and are 66% of the way to their goal, so if you have the means/inclination to give a small donation…

I was given this flyer earlier in the week.

If a vaccine for covid is developed and released within the next year, will you be lining up to get inoculated right away? Is there any reason that would make you hesitate to get it?

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  1. Aw baby, hopefully she feels better from all the jabs soon! 💞

    I would be happy to get a covid vaccination as soon as viable, I think I already signed up to be notified if any trials open up that I’m suitable for, but also I heard that a couple of people who had the vaccine currently being trialled got some seriously bad side effects (a spinal infection I think?) so it’s very worrying that they may be rushing too quickly to get something out, even though it’s definitely needed to get life back on track.

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    1. She seems a bit better this morning! She slept a huge amount after having barely napped all day so hopefully things are a bit more normal today (it’s Hide’s birthday!) 💕

      I’m with you on being slightly cautious wrt how quickly things are being zoomed out and how trustworthy such a new vaccine can be… I guess that side effects are the norm in trials but that spinal infection (from the Oxford vaccine was it?) is a bit too scary. But! I am also desperate for a safe vaccine to exist (not least so that N can finally meet her grandparents)!

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  2. Everywhere is struggling and crowdfunding to survive >.<
    I hope they reach their goal!!!

    Vaccinations are important and while I'd be willing to get a corona vaccination, I wouldn't rush to get it straight away because I think the first rounds should go to the people who're more at risk and to front line workers. I'd get vaccinated once it's available to the general public?

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    1. Indeed! But this is somewhere I care about, hence the promotion 💕

      What do you mean by “available to the general public”? Isn’t that the only way we’d be able to get it anyway since we’re not front line workers/among the particularly vulnerable? /possibly being dense


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